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The OCBFF Corporation is poised to be the leading distributor of premium wellness and luxury brands in Southeast Asia. Discover what it's like to work with a dynamic and ambitious wellness rockstars.

Kat Eusebio, CEO

We’re a small team with big, audacious dreams, and the capacity to achieve anything we sent our minds to. Everyday is a roller coaster of emotions and events as we share ideas, challenges, and wins.

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Darla Bautista, CMO

I've always loved brand-building, but doing it for a business and team we built from scratch brings an even greater level of fulfillment and growth! I love the creative autonomy and unique set of challenges we solve everyday.

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Kelvin Yu, Ecommerce

If I could take away just one favorite part of this whole experience, it would definitely be all of the learnings: on how to build businesses from scratch, how to setup internal systems, and how to scale up a business, amidst a pandemic! This experience has changed me and allowed me to grow so much.

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Moriah Salvame, Creatives

Work doesn't feel like work when everyday is a new chance for me to get creative. A huge bonus is that it's a women-led company, which to me, contributes to the positive wellbeing of the team (evidently shown in the midst of the pandemic).

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MP Sunga, Brand and International Expansion

Working for such an empowering team as TRIZIE is such a fulfilling experience. I have never worked for a team as creative and dedicated as them. They inspire me to do better each day.

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Zion Girasol, Sales

Comfort comes from my team's generosity and support in sharing knowledge. I feel challenged, trusted, and empowered throughout the various leadership opportunities.

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Dane Eterna, Finance

Working with our young but dynamic team has helped me widen my perspective as a professional. Our team strives to be the best in our own fields, while maintaining healthy and harmonious relationships.

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Stef Garcia, Supply Chain

OCBFF taught me how to be agile yet effective. I learned how to multitask and wear many hats, but still be efficient. We’ve learned how to reach out in various ways that would still make us feel altogether and not alone, even with all the distance in between.

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