Feeling Stressed or Down Lately? It’s Time to Get Moving

Feeling Stressed or Down Lately? It’s Time to Get Moving

by Samantha Beltran

Been feeling like a lot has been weighing on your mind lately? Then it may be time for you to get moving. While you may think of exercise as a means to an end — such as to lose weight, or to stay track on your fitness goals, getting your body moving can also help calm down a stressed-out mind.

Science proves that exercise can help with coping with your mental health and keep stress levels at bay. When you’re feeling under stress, two hormones spike up: adrenaline and cortisol. Yet moving and working up a sweat can help soothe your soul and give you a mood boost — thanks to endorphins, the happy hormone that lets you feel optimistic and relaxed.

How should you move when you’re stressed?

While any kind of movement may help in calming down your mind or keeping stress levels at bay, here are some of the most therapeutic activities you can do.

Go out for a stroll

It may sound cliche to go for a walk around the park when you’re feeling down, but even a 20-minute stroll can help you achieve some mind clarity. 

Muscular meditation helps

Muscular meditation where you move and use your large muscle groups rhythmically and repetitively. Why not go for a swim?

Practice yoga 

There’s a reason yoga is popular for relieving stress and other anxiety symptoms — the combination of moving and stationary poses, as well as its deep breathing, helps your body relax. 

Get up and dance!

You don’t have to be great at it! Just put on your favorite music, feel the rhythm, and dance like no one is watching.

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Movement is linked to your body, and helps shape how you think and feel pay attention to what is best for you in that given moment or situation. Remember, take the time to understand your body, and trust how you feel.

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